Exposé for "HUGO" (Part)

The story of the, blond, blue-eyed passive protagonist named HUGO is based on true events. In the film, the active protagonist, Prof. Friedrich WALTER - a young psychologist at the CHILDREN'S Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Leipzig - tries to save the life of ten-year-old HUGO. The antagonist PROF. von RASCH, a murderous doctor who is head of the CHILDREN'S Psychiatric Hospital in Leipzig, wants to kill HUGO for research purposes as part of the Nazi children's euthanasia program.

HUGO suffers early on in his life from multiple personality disorder. In 1932 the eight-month-old HUGO is badly abused for the first time by his father. The abuse continues until the father is called up to war by the Wehrmacht and is subsequently killed in action. HUGO develops a second personality, FRITZ, who from then on steps in when danger is near. Mother ODA believes that HUGO suffers from lunacy and excludes the very talented and extremely intelligent boy from the family. From the beginning HUGO is monitored by WALTER.

The film tells the story of when HUGO is nine and ten years old. He lives in an apartment building in Leipzig which also houses the store of the Jew MUTZMANN on the ground floor. HUGO often takes refuge in MITZMANN'S apartment as he responds to the boy and his problems. HUGO also tells him about Fritz.


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